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Direct Deposit

With Direct Deposit, everyone benefits from the savings, the increased efficiency, and the automation.

Benefits of Direct Deposit:

  • Prompt Payment: Deposits are credited on scheduled paydays.
  • Convenience: No special trips nor delivery fees to pick up and deposit checks.
  • Savings: Paperless payroll saves time and money for your business as well as your employees. Batch Processing saves you time by letting you upload all payroll information at once.
  • Security: Payments are automatically deposited to your account, even if you are traveling, on vacation or out sick.
  • Freedom: No check cashing fees. Many banks offer free checking, reduced service charges, and other incentives for their customers who use direct deposit.
  • Efficiency: Earnings information is available with view, print, and save options to Employee via secure login.
  • Peace of Mind: No worries about mail delays or having checks lost or stolen. Your money, in your account, like clockwork.

Pay Card

For those employees who don't have a checking account or just want the convenience of a paycard, we offer our Global Cash Card Mastercard.

Benefits of the Paycard:

  • Payments accessed via ATM withdrawal or debit purchases
  • 24 hour bilingual support
  • Website access to the account