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Payroll and Tax Management

Customized Payroll and Tax Management Solutions

Payroll and Tax Management Features

Whether your business has a few employees or hundreds, our customized payroll and tax management solutions will ease administrative burdens, minimize errors, save money. Our solution features include:
payroll calculator

Payroll Platform

Our online payroll platform system can handle the payroll needs of any size business from one employee to hundreds of employees. Step-by-step directions help guide users, along with their dedicated support representative, while the system sorts out potential errors prior to actual payroll processing. We also provide other options to submit your payroll to us, via email, fax or phone.
employee time tracking on iPad

Real-Time Processing

Input data, make changes, generate reports and submit payroll easily—wherever and whenever. Our system gives you access to over 200 standard reports and a custom report writer (both analytical and ad hoc), which keeps important information right at your fingertips.
real-time payroll reports

Optional Functionality

Our solution generates real-time pay reports, deduction reports, tax reports, PTO reports, benefits reports, general ledger interface reports and more.
simulation of automated filing

Automated Filing and Reporting

We automatically file, pay and report your payroll taxes, and we also make sure you’re covered in all jurisdictions, including federal, state, city or geo-based.
employee training

Employee Self-Service

Employees can quickly and easily manage their personnel information, view pay stubs, W-2’s and more.
quickbooks and payroll integration on laptop

QuickBooks Online integration

This interface maps directly to your chart of accounts. Data can easily be imported into your QuickBooks accounting system.
tax filing paperwork with calculator

Tax Filings

ALL Pay HR INC. comprehensive tax service automatically calculates, files, deposits, and reconciles your payroll taxes with Federal, state, and local authorities. We relieve our clients of the administrative responsibilities related to calculating, filing payroll taxes, and applying payroll tax laws. And we maintain current federal, state, and local payroll regulations so it’s a little like Automated Peace of Mind. With ALL Pay HR INC., you won’t have to worry about Tax & Compliance issues so you can focus on what’s important, your business.

Switching is Simple

Our streamlined approach allows us to easily convert your payroll processes to All Pay HR Inc Our trained and experienced conversion team ensures an accurate and stress-free conversion.

Spend your hours empowering your people and growing your business—and let All Pay HR Inc handle all your payroll needs